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Working For Action Invest

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

This week I handed in my notice to my job and accepted a position at Action Invest.

Action Invest is a deal sourcing company specialising in giving high-return deals and even bespoke sourcing to investors.

How did this all happen?

I met Mo - the owner of Action Invest - at Alasdair Cunningham's Six Figure Speaker Summit. I had to get extremely uncomfortable whilst being there, which included speaking infront of people. The two day course took my comfort zone to new levels and my mindset has changed drastically as a result. This wasn't the only good thing to come from that event though. Myself and Mo got chatting about my mission and my Nana & Grandpy's house, Brinkburn, being for sale. We later discussed the idea of co-deal sourcing together too.

A few days after the event, I got a message from Mo saying he had an exciting opportunity for me. As you're aware, he offered me the job of managing the company and being his right hand man. This was simply an offer I couldn't turn down.

I am massively passionate about property and this job will skyrocket my experience and knowledge within the industry. Not only that, I want to provide as much value as I physically can to Action Invest and help scale the business.

This just goes to show the power of networking and getting yourself to self development/property/business events. Had I not have gone to London that weekend, I wouldn't have quit my job and began working full time in property. That is a massive, massive step and I am so, so grateful.

If you're looking at co-deal sourcing with a company and you're willing to discuss, feel free to email me on

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