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Securing My First Rent To Rent

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Less than six months ago, I invested £5,000 into my knowledge on property by way of Samuel Leeds' E-Academy. In that time I've been to various seminars, met tens of investors and have finally secured my first ever property deal.

I have secured this property on a corporate let from the landlord, meaning I can guarantee his rent every single month. He was more than happy with this as it gives him peace of mind and a completely hands off approach in regards to his property. I plan to put the property on AirBnB, and other various channels to gain a nightly income from contractors and business men and women.

As its my first rent to rent, I assumed it would be incredibly difficult to persuade a landlord to have this kind of agreement - as its very unfamiliar to most people. Instead of contacting various vendors, I instead used a deal sourcer to find me the deal. The property needs a little paint and furnishing, and it's good to go. It's in a good area of Leeds with plenty of amenities nearby so I am really happy.

This is only the beginning of my property journey, and the beginning of Brinkburn Property Solutions Limited.

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