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My Mission

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Here's a photo of me as a ten or eleven-year-old. Just a family picture, nothing special, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Joined with me are my Nana, Grandpy, Mum and sister. My Nana and Grandpy are my inspirations. They worked tirelessly throughout their lives, built their own house and became millionaires. That house is called "Brinkburn" -named after their very first residence, so I thought it was only fitting to name my first ever company it, too.

My Grandpy was a freemason. Dedicated to improving himself, looking after his family and doing charity work, he set up his own Freemason lodge in Longridge - called Longridge Lodge 8077. Many people may not know what that means, if you don't, I highly recommend you research what Freemasonry is. I'm unbelievably proud of who he was and what he achieved.

My Nana was the Queen of the family, she was always there for everyone. She cared more about her family than herself. In fact, they both did. When I was a baby, she saved my life. I had the cord wrapped around my neck three times in my Mum's womb and my Nana saw my heart rate decreasing and got the Doctors in action immediately. In February of 2021, just four months before she passed away, I returned the favour of saving her life, as she fell in her Brinkburn home. I had to smash the door down - something I didn't think twice about doing. She was my Nana.

Why am I telling you all of this? They were the ultimate role models. They had a huge house, a fancy Jaguar, attended regular evenings with friends. They were free to do as they pleased. They created a legacy for my family. I'm proud to have met them, to spend time with them, and to share the same family tree as them.

My Nana's maiden name was Richmond - my Grandpy's last name was Wadsley. That's the reason why I am called Mark Richmond Wadsley. I took my forename from Mark in the bible.

I promised my Nana before she passed away that I would buy their beloved Brinkburn back into the family. My last conversation with her was me telling her I was going to make a foundation in her and my Grandpy's memory. They created an unbelievable legacy, and it's my mission, duty and responsibility to continue it - and take it to new heights.

They also both owned a rental property. Once they wanted to remove the tenants, the tenants decided to trash the place, leaving a massive mess for both my Nana and Grandpy to sort out together. The stress of this forced my Grandpy to have a heart attack, which led to his subsequent death weeks later due to heart failure. I don't want any family on this planet to have to endure the pain that my family went through, especially my Nana, who lost her soul mate - her husband of 61 years. That is the soul purpose I decided to form my property management company - Brinkburn Property Solutions Limited. Making sure landlords - who are either tired, accidental or people who no longer want to be in that field - are looked after, their property is looked after and they're not having to take on any additional stress, is something I take extremely seriously.

My future plans is to set up a BTL company, creating affordable yet luxury housing for tenants. I want to then go onto the property development side, creating beautiful houses and neighbourhoods for people to be proud to own and be a part of. During all of this, I want to set up a foundation, my final promise to my Nana. I will aim to raise money for dementia, research into cancer and heart problems - all of which have had an impact on our family through my Nana and Grandpy's health.

I completely understand that this isn't going to be an overnight thing, I'm really going to have to work hard like never before and sacrifice luxuries to make this all come true. People will think this is unrealistic - or that its a stupid idea. That's fine, each to their own. I will make this work - for my Nana and Grandpy. I've got time on my side - I'm only 20-years-old.

What should you take from this? Make sure you have a "why". Do what you enjoy. Don't listen to those who undermine you. Don't listen to those who tell you to be more realistic. Do whatever fulfils your purpose. Make sure to give back to those who have supported you from the beginning - friends and family.

It's a case of WHEN I make it, not IF. And when I do, I will take care of my family and friends who have been alongside me throughout the journey - and more importantly, I will keep the legacy of my Grandparents' in the family name forever.

That's my mission.

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