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First ever Property Viewing

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

The one thing I have learnt from consuming tonnes of information and knowledge from books, seminars, webinars and YouTube videos in this past year is that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to limits you've never been before is the only way you're going to grow as a person. Once I found that out, I knew I had to change.

I first began consuming solely property content on YouTube back in February 2021, just six months ago. I saw Samuel Leeds' on there and he was doing so many creative property strategies and frankly making it look super easy. At the time, I was investing in stocks and working 8-5 every day. I wanted the freedom he had.

Just half a year later, from being sat in my bed watching endless YouTube videos, I have since spent £5,000 on my property education, been to two seminars, and I'm now happy to say that I've viewed my first property.

Now there will be people - who are not in the property scene - who will think that at just 20 years old, this is a very big deal. However, the people who understand property will probably be asking: "you viewed a property, so what? What's the big deal?" Frankly, there isn't a big deal. Viewing a property isn't a big thing to do - in my opinion. But it's an achievement and a milestone. And personally, it's a huge sign of growth.

If you'd have told me whilst watching those clips on YouTube that I would have actually gone out there and viewed a property, I would have laughed at you. The main reason for this is because with my previous ventures, such as my autograph business, I was scared to speak on the phone because I didn't like the whole conversation part and I unconsciously made things awkward. This wasn't just over the phone - this was in real life too when meeting new people. To be able to go far and do what my mentors do, I needed to get over that hurdle.

I rang the estate agents and booked my viewing for Thursday 5th August at 10:30 - which was later changed to 10:15. I went, and surprisingly enjoyed looking around a house that was in need of serious modernisation.

Viewing the house is the first step, and I'm continuing to push my boundaries. I'm looking to start co-deal sourcing with a company, begin crunching numbers on deals and trying to get a better understanding for property which will force me further along in my journey.

The whole and sole purpose for this article is to basically say: booking a viewing and attending is actually really simple and fun. If you're worried that this is going to be a major hurdle in your process, you need to either break your boundaries to push on or pay £30/40 per viewing to a company called Viewber. They will do the viewing for you but ultimately, you're not going to learn much from that experience.

My plan for the next fortnight is to book three more viewings and see where it takes me. If anyone has or knows of a company that would be open to me co-deal sourcing with them, feel free to drop me an email or a message on Instagram.

All the best and I'll be sure to keep you updated on how things progress.

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