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A Guide to Rent-to-Rent Serviced Accommodation

Updated: Mar 30

Rent-to-rent serviced accommodation has become a popular investment strategy in recent years, offering property investors the opportunity to make a passive income through the rental of fully furnished and managed properties to tenants.

In recent years, the demand for serviced accommodation has increased rapidly, driven by the growth of the gig economy and the rise of short-term rentals. This has led to a growing number of property investors exploring the potential of rent-to-rent serviced accommodation as a way to make a passive income.

What is Rent-to-Rent Serviced Accommodation?

Rent-to-rent serviced accommodation is a strategy where a property investor rents a property from a landlord, furnishes it and manages it as a serviced accommodation, and then rents it out to tenants on a short-term basis. The investor receives the rental income, minus the costs of managing the property, and the landlord receives a guaranteed rental income.

Why Invest in Rent-to-Rent Serviced Accommodation?

There are several benefits to investing in rent-to-rent serviced accommodation, including:

  • High returns: Serviced accommodation can generate higher returns than traditional buy-to-let investments, as tenants are willing to pay more for the added convenience and services provided.

  • Low risk: As the landlord retains ownership of the property, the risk is reduced for the investor, who is only responsible for managing the property and generating the rental income.

  • Flexibility: Rent-to-rent serviced accommodation allows investors to enter the property market without having to buy a property outright, providing greater flexibility and lower initial investment.

  • Passive income: With a fully managed serviced accommodation, investors can generate a passive income, allowing them to focus on other investments or activities.

How to Get Started with Rent-to-Rent Serviced Accommodation

Getting started with rent-to-rent serviced accommodation can seem daunting, but it is a straightforward process if you follow these steps:

  • Research the market: It is important to understand the local market and the demand for serviced accommodation in the area you are interested in investing.

  • Find a property: Once you have researched the market, you can start looking for a suitable property to rent. Ensure that the property meets the necessary requirements for a serviced accommodation, such as good transport links and proximity to local amenities.

  • Negotiate the rent: Once you have found a property, negotiate the rent with the landlord and agree on the terms of the tenancy agreement.

  • Furnish and manage the property: Furnish the property to a high standard and put in place a management system to ensure that the property is maintained and managed efficiently.

  • Rent out the property: Advertise the property and start renting it out to tenants, generating a passive income.

Rent-to-rent serviced accommodation can be a lucrative investment opportunity for property investors looking to generate a passive income. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can get started with rent-to-rent serviced accommodation and start making a return on your investment.

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