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Mark Wadsley is a 21-year-old Property Entrepreneur, residing in the North West of England. He is the current Business Development Manager at Action Invest and SA Stays. He is also Company Director of Brinkburn Property Solutions, Founder of the Money Monday Newsletter and Host of the WadPod.

Since he was a very young age, Mark has always had an eye for entrepreneurialism. He used to spend weekends as an eight year old washing people's cars for money, shovelling snow in the winter months, and creating basic websites for football clubs and friendship groups that he had made down his street. 

His entrepreneurial spirit moved on one step further once he got into secondary school, as he used to go to the shop in the morning and sell the sweets to classmates and other students for a profit. In his spare time, he attend car boots weekly and often had a stall selling his autographs that he had collected in the months prior. In fact, he attempted to start an autograph business at the age of just thirteen. 

Mark's mission in life is simple. After the passing of both of his grandparents, Trevor and Marjorie, he aims to continue the legacy they created. They became millionaires through hard work, dedication and grit. They built their own house from scratch, and also had a rental property in their portfolio. Mark wants to change the financial education sector for the better, with individuals getting a more rounded knowledge.

At the age of 21, Mark is now Business Development Manager of Action Invest - a property company specialising in helping investors find their desired deals. He is also Business Development Manager of SA Stays, a short stay company in locations such as Wigan and Grimsby. Mark is Founding and Company Director of Brinkburn Property Solutions, offering a service to tired or accidental landlords who want a hands off approach when it comes to property investing. Mark is also the founder of the Money Monday Newsletter, giving readers a weekly actionable tip on smarter ways to take care of their personal finance. He is also Host of the WadPod, a personal finance podcast on all of the streaming platforms.

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